Thursday, March 17, 2005

Have a little cabbage with your garlic

Recipe sent by Fritz.

This is a simple recipe I use all the time and I use alot of garlic in it

First a teaspoon of peanut oil in the pot
Heat on high
Now goes in the Garlic here a clove there a clove too much is never enough and some chopped scallions
Cook for 2 minutes
Then add a cup of chicken stock
Now you have the broth that will steam the cabbage wedges you put into this pot
after the cabbage has cooked for a while add some sesame seeds to top it off
You can also add a tomato to this broth while it steams the cabbage.. if you want.

At this point you can serve the cabbge with anything you want . I sometime put some grilled kielbasa into the pot with the cabbage and bingo it is damn goood. It also goes well with chicken i.e. barbequed , fried, heavily seasoned etc...

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