Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Chicken margarita

Recipe sent by Bruce Baird:

3 Boneless chicken breast butterflied (Marinate with Olive oil, salt pepper, garlic powder, cayenne Pep for about an hour.

- Get grill screaming and char on one side, turn for a minute and return to a covered casserole bowl.


2 jalapenos chopped
2 TS minced garlic
2 TS minced fresh Cilantro
juice of one lime
half a shot of tequila
1/2 Stick of salted butter

After chicken is cooked and Spanish rice is done start the sauce

- add a TS olive oil
- sweat the garlic
- add the Tequila and lime juice (cook off the Alcohol)
- add the jalapenos

Cook a little and then whisk in the cold butter to thicken the sauce. Pour over the chicken which mixes with the chicken broth and add the fresh cilantro as you serve it along side the Spanish rice.

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