Friday, January 22, 2010

Garlic Peel, Garlic Chop and Garlic Keep

Last night I got a package with some cool garlic-related kitchen gadgets from Koopeh Designs.

Here is the Garlic Keep, I put the two garlic heads that I currently have at home, but it fits about six or eight. It's made of ceramic and airs the garlic through small holes in the bottom half.

Here is the Garlic Chop, to chop the garlic you put the garlic clove inside and rotate it left and right. The little stubs it has push the clove and make the chopping way faster and easier.

And the Garlic Peel. It's made of plastic and you put the unpeeled garlic clove inside and roll it around. I found it a bit difficult to get the clove peeled but at the end it worked.

I'll have more detailed usage info soon, but meanwhile I can say that I recommend these gadgets for any garlic lover out there.