Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Garlic Rose Bistro

Looking around for garlic recipes I ran into this restaurant
The Garlic Rose Bistro in New Jersey
As Garlicster readers know, I have been to Garlics in London Ontario and I sent my parents and sister to go to The Stinking Rose in California.
Has anyone visited The Garlic Rose Bistro? I am seriously thinking of scheduling a trip to New Jersey to visit this restaurant, the menu looks delicious:
Three Onion and Garlic Soup
West Coast Garlic Chowder
Garlic Rose Pork Chop
Garlic Rose Crab Cakes
And other really really delicious things.


Anonymous said...

We have eaten there many times! If you really love garlic, it is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife lo e that place