Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Stinking Rose Restaurant in Los Angeles

I got the whole idea for this blog from this restaurant I saw in Los Angeles a few years ago, The Stinking Rose. I never went to the restaurant but I always wondered about it.
Last week my parents and sister and brother-in-law went to LA and I told them that they had to go to The Stinking Rose and take pictures and eat the delicious garlic dishes.

Here is a picture of the menu:

Everyone shared the garlic cloves with anchovies as an appetizer.

A delicious extra garlicky olive oil:

My brother-in-law had garlic mussels

My mother had the garlic bouillabaise (with lots of seafood).

My sister had the prime rib with garlic.

And the dessert menu, they even have garlic ice cream with caramel mole sauce (if you look at the restaurant's picture page you can see a picture of the ice cream).

Everyone enjoyed the restaurant, but my mother said it was too much garlic. WHAAAAT? Well, it is a garlic restaurant, after all. I guess she's faint of mouth.

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