Monday, July 18, 2005

Garlic's Restaurant

I came upon the idea of this blog because of a restaurant in California, The Stinking Rose. I have never been to it, but I thought it was a great idea to have a whole restaurant devoted to Garlic.

Recently I found out there is a restaurant devoted to Garlic in London, Ontario. I could not let the summer pass without me visiting. It was worth it.

This is the entrance to Garlic's restaurant in London, Ontario, Canada.

We made a reservation for 7:00 and were received nicely. The menu is not entirely devoted to garlic but it has about 15% of its dishes with strong garlic content (or so they say).

I ordered a garlic martini and proceeded to examine the menu. The roasted garlic arrived accompanied by grapes and toast to spread on. It was really good but I think it was lacking a bit of salt, I took care of it via the salt shaker. Garlic bread with brie was another good appetizer on the menu.
The cream of garlic soup looked a bit like cream of mushroom and it was really good, but the garlic taste was subtle, it could have been stronger.
The caesar salad absolutely disappointed me, the dressing tasted like bottled dressing. After the garlic-intensive caesar salad I had earlier this summer I thought in a garlic restaurant they would be having something similar.
The garlic linguini had a better taste of garlic on it, unlike the bacon and blue potato pizza, which was advertised as garlic intensive too. The garlic flavour was overcome by the flavour of the bacon.
The most interesting part of the evening was the garlic ice cream which was exactly that: garlic ice cream. As weird/gross as it sounds, it was actually pretty good. It appears to be made from raw rather than cooked garlic and it tastes. It was accompanied by a clove of garlic dipped in chocolate, interesting again, and good.
More pictures to be posted during the week.

Here is a link to the menu, there is another Garlic's in Stratford, ON, Canada.

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