Sunday, July 31, 2005

Know of any other garlic restaurant?

After my visit to Garlic's restaurant, I got a comment from Angel:

There's also a great restaurant called Garlic and Shots in London, England and Stockholm, Sweden. It's like a Swedish/Goth/biker bar.

See a menu of food and shots here:

I also got an email from Bobbi:
"...I had the opportunity to visit there a few years ago and I can tell you that you wouldn't be dissapointed.
The food was excellent and did not lack any garlic flavor. I had the garlic bread appetizer and the tiger prawns with pene pasta it was great. If you ever get the chance please don't miss this wonderful dining experience. Also the atmosphere and decor was one of a kind."

I have been thinking of this, and since I'm in no position to go to California to visit The Stinking Rose, or to Stockholm to visit Garlic and Shots, I was wondering if any of you, Garlicster readers, know of other garlic restaurants all over the world that you could provide links to. We can visit the menu on the internet. Also, maybe some of you may want to go visit and do a review like the one I did of Garlic's. Sorry, there is no sponsorship or anything, you would have to pay for your own meal, but hey, it would be fun.

Anyone interested?

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