Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Garlic-sesame pork chops with bok choy and mushrooms

Recipe sent by Corona:

This recipe is actually my boyfriend's invention. It's sooo good - one of my favourite dinners.

Cook some boneless porkchops in a little bit of olive or sesame oil (1 tsp-1 tbsp)
Throw in some soy sauce (to taste), sliced mushrooms (any kind, we use plain ol' white mushrooms or cremeni and they are good) and as many garlic cloves as you want. Obviously because garlic is delicious, the more the better. Sautee for a bit until the porkchops, mushrooms and
garlic are almost cooked (they don't take too long).
Grab a bunch of bok choy and throw it on top of everything. Put a lid over the pan and let the bok choy "steam" a little.

Place porkchops and mushrooms/garlic on a bed of wild rice. Drizzle with a tiny bit of sesame oil.

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