Saturday, April 16, 2005

Garden Fresh Gourmet Artichoke Garlic Salsa

The Salsa Review has this post written by Sugarmama:

Texture: Very fine
Flavor: Garlicy
Price: N/A
Where purchased: N/A
Refrigeration: Yes
Website: Garden Fresh Gourmet
Spiciness: 3
Grade: B-

The kind folks at Garden Fresh Gourment sent me a tub of Artichoke Garlic salsa to try, so I'm not sure where it is available for purchase. Being consistent with our recent garlic-themed posts, I think this is a great time to review the Artichoke Garlic Salsa.

I like artichokes and garlic a lot, but I found this salsa a bit overpowering with the garlic and underpowering with the artichokes. Artichokes do not have a strong flavor, so the scant pieces that were mixed in with the salsa served as more of a visual decoration than anything else.

The salsa has a flavorful taste to it. It certainly isn't a boring salsa, though it is mild and acceptable for anyone who has a sensitive stomach. However, I brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash three times after eating the salsa in a futile attempt to get the garlic aftertaste out of my mouth. If you're planning on being near people after you eat this salsa, don't eat it.

If you absolutely mad about garlic, I think you will enjoy this salsa. I am going to stick with my personal favorite produced by Garden Fresh, Jack's Special Medium.

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