Friday, November 5, 2004

So what is Garlicster?

Garlicster is a new blog for all things garlic. TBIT came up with the name when we were talking about creating a new site in the internet that would let all garlic lovers in the world be a part of it.
Here's how it works:
Send a garlic recipe (or any other use for garlic), along with your name or nickname, and blog address to Post that same recipe on your blog (if possible) with a link to Garlicster. I will post the recipe on Garlicster, link to your blog and add you to the blogroll. The only requisites are that the recipes be real (i.e. you can actually cook it, they're edible) and that they be in English. And please, if you're going to borrow someone's recipe from the internet, don't copy it word by word, make it your own. All posted recipes will be credited.
It's that easy.

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