Monday, August 7, 2006

Corn Chowder

Sent by Mister Anchovy.
Bbq several cobs of corn in the husk on a charcoal fire...don't even think about using a gas grill.
Saute chopped up onions, shallots and a few cloves of garlic until the onion starts caramelizing.
Add a chopped up yam and a chopped up potato.
Cut the corn of the cob and toss it in the pot.
Add some stock, homemade if possible.
Add some worcestershire sauce, a few splashes.
Add salt and pepper.
Add a bay leaf
Cook until the potato and the yam are done.
Take the bay leaf out.
Puree roughly. Shut off the heat.
Add a scoop of soup to a quarter cup of cream, then add this mixture back into the soup.
Feel the love.

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