Friday, January 23, 2009

Roasted Garlic Express

Tina sent me an email asking for help. She wants to know if the Roasted Garlic Express can be found anywhere in the West Coast in Canada. Here is a picture of the garlic roaster.

It seems like a great gadget for any garlic-lover to have. It is made and marketed in the USA.
Tina found a place in Canada that sells it, it is called, but they only ship to Central Canada, so she cannot get it in British Columbia.
Does anyone know any other place in Canada, preferably British Columbia, where this amazing garlic roaster can be found? Any help will be appreciated.

Bonus, there are garlic recipes in the Roasted Garlic Express website, yum!


will said...


Hedonics actually does ship acroos Canada which would include Vancouver the shipping would be $9.95

Anonymous said...

Sounds terrific!

A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen:



Anonymous said...

The roasted Garlic express is awesome. In just 27 min. 3 cloves are cooked to perfection. Do wish however, I was able to get the Red clay coloured one or the black one, but according to the supplier in North Vancouver, B.C. They are as yet unavailable. London Drugs just had a special on the GR300WL (white model) $29.95. Unfortunately, just till Tuesday March 30,2010.
They were also available from Home Outfitters during the Christmas season but are now sold out.
Good Luck! Mark