Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blue Garlic?

Recently I had an email about green garlic and posted asking my readers if they knew what it caused it and if it had happened to them (here is the link).

Here are some of the responses left in the comments:
I've had it happen when using a first pressed extra vigin olive oil. This oil was a very dark and rich green color so I just assumed it acted like a dye with the white of the garlic.

I had that happen last week when I made a garlic/ginger/lime marinade for a pork roast. Didn't use any olive oil though...

Garlic turns green or blue green when exposed to acids... it doesn't affect the flavor a bit, but you should consider it for cosmetic purposes when cooking.

I had my garlic turn greenish-blue when I cooked chicken with 40 cloves...

i was searching re this very thing! glad to see i'm not the only one concerned. making snapper that required roasting tomatoes and garlic in the oven. garlic was good when slicing. when i got it out of the oven, it was green like it was spoiled. i'm going to go enjoy my dinner now that i see it's caused by acids such as tomato juice!

Now Nancy sent me the following email:
I pickled some kielbasa and the garlic I put in has turned blue. Do you think it is safe to eat or has something gone wrong?

We know from previous responses that garlic turns blueish green, so I would advise Nancy not to be concerned, if the shade of blue her garlic turn was a bit greenish.

Any opinions from Garlicster readers?


Anonymous said...

So what is a good substitute if you are going for presentation?

sj said...

Use canning salt in your pickling and fresh garlic. Its the copper suspended in the liquids that makes it go blue. Apparently not harmful, but copper is poisonous..........