Sunday, June 11, 2006

Famous...for eating. who's really that surprised?

This post taken from Clara's Victory Dance:

Jeremy’s just shared some exciting news! We are pizza trendsetters. If you go to the Pizzaville on Yonge just north of Wellesley (Toronto, Canada) you can get a new kind of slice. Provolone, pepperoni and gourmet garlic. It’s a heretofore unavailable concoction created by Jeremy and I. We get it so often that the last time we ordered it they made two, and sold the second in slices. They went like hotcakes! Or something else that would probably sell better than hotcakes these days. I want to get them to call it the ‘claremy’ so go in there and ask for it by name. The village is soon to have the worst breath in all of downtown! I mean this thing is LOADED with garlic. I firmly believe that that’s why I haven’t gotten a cold n forever though. Healthy and stinky. That can be the slogan for the claremy. It’s delicious seriously go get some. Pizza. Pervs.

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